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Before and After | Mckinney, TX photographer

I had so much fun doing my last “before and after” that I thought I would do it again!!!  This time with an outdoor pic of one of my favorite clients who told me he would like to take a bath with a bunch of eyeballs!!!  CRACKS me up!!!!

The first image is my completed photo, ready for client and all to see.  I really wanted there to be a golden tone to this photo because I loved the textures and coloring in the background.  The golden grass blurred in the background with greenery is just beautiful.  I basically painted on a golden tone, while still adding contrast and making the color pop.

LOVE the golden tones in Conner’s hair too.  All this is done on purpose to create a “look” that represents my vision.


The second image is SOOC (straight out of the camera).  I want you to notice the vibrant colors are gone, the golden tone, the image is almost flat. It took me about 10 minutes to accomplish this look because I can be pretty obsessed about improving the image as much as possible.  NOW- I know you are thinking, 10 minutes is not long, but I usually proof about 30 images per session.  Some images can be a quick edit, but others can be more time consuming.  SO- if you wonder why a professional photographer is so expensive, it is because of the time and expertise that goes into getting that perfect image.

Just some things to consider when choosing your next photographer.  It is an important investment and I think so many people get “Mommy eyes” and do not realize that there are some photographers who have no idea what they are doing.


  • Well-said! I especially like the “mommy eyes” term. We all know that we love every picture of our kids, but a real photographer knows how to make it beautiful. 🙂

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