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Before and After | McKinney, Tx photographer

I have been MIA from my blog lately, but now I am BACK and ready to roll!!!!

I think every person I meet has a love for photography.  I love hearing other people’s stories about what they love to capture and their experiences with photography, BUT what makes photography different for me is the creative design I have with the photos AFTER they are taken.


This is why some photographers are expensive, some dirt cheap.  Post processing puts my creative stamp on each and every photo I create.

If you are paying $50 to get your photos done, then chances are the person is taking the photos, and giving them straight to you.  There is nothing wrong with that, BUT post processing improves your photos in ways that the camera CANNOT.

The term “you get what you pay for” is true with photography!!!  Your children change so fast and I believe that capturing them is so important.

I KNOW being a parent is expensive, but even I had to save to hire a photographer to do my newborn photos.  It really just depends on what your priority is, and for me, it is capturing images like the one below.

The first image is straight out of the camera (SOOC).  Just a normal shot of a beautiful baby!!!!


The second image is my example of post processing.  I spend time making each photo the BEST possible, I smooth out the skin, I adjust skin tones, I add shadows, make the whites of the eyes WHITES and I make eyes shine.



  • Jen

    This is such a great post — I am one of those people who love photography and know nothing about post-production work. What a great visual of how important that work is! Too bad I live in Arizona…

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