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The Robertson Boys | Mckinney, Tx photographer

Another session with some of my favorite boys!!!!!  Mom contacted me because she wanted to get some shots of each of her boys, by themselves.  SO- that was easily accomplished.

I then had an idea to crawl down into a creek and get some photos of the boys playing in the water.  Mom and Dad were SO excited, and I even warned them it was quite a hike downhill, but they were thrilled about the idea.  Getting four kids down into the creek was a lot of work, which is why I love this client.  Some parents look at me like I am NUTS when I have these crazy ideas, but this family is up for anything.

Even though the water had gooey slime on the rocks, we had bugs flying all around us and Dad found some poison ivy, we were able to get some great shots.  Afterwards, I felt like contacting Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and having him accompany me for my next outing!!!!

THANK YOU to these parents for all your hard work in during this photo session.  It made me giggle!!!!


  • Lindsay

    Simply said….You are the BEST! We are so grateful for the moments you capture.

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