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I love photographing this family. They have such a good energy and really try to get the best photos of Jax by helping him smile and have fun. They had a several outfits for their session and each one had a name. It was kind of funny.

I am pretty much in love with the half naked cowboy photos. I am pretty sure Jax will cringe every time he looks at them when he grows up, but they are so adorable!


  • Jessica Hugghins

    Love the pictures so much…and LOVE that little boy! You captured him perfectly! Thank you!!

This family is always in for a good time, and it was so much fun visiting their family farm and having their cows stand around and watch the photo session. Nothing like a photo session with cows, tractors and big brown surprises on the ground.

Since my family is originally from up north, I am always amazed with southern families and their personalities. I would say that the Tedfords are about as country as it gets. They are loud, speak with a southern twang and so in love with each other. They have a great family bond.

Guess who the star of the session was? YUP- Rylee Kay! I don’t think she minded the extra attention though.


These twins were AMAZING to photograph! So sweet, they each came out of their car and greeted me with their arms outstretched and an immediate hug. They both warmed my heart so much and I was so excited to capture this family’s first photo session! What an honor!
I love hearing stories from every family I photograph, and this one included many trips back and forth to Russia to bring these beautiful girls here to be with their new proud parents. CONGRATS Mom and Dad.


What an amazing family to photograph and I am so happy to be able to capture them for another year!!! I always laugh when I think about my first session with them. It was in my home when I was attempting to do studio work, and Danielle was just a baby. Kind of glad I no longer do shoots like that anymore because I love outside photography!

Mom and Dad are founders of the charity Brett’s Blessing, which is an amazing charity that donates toys to local children hospitals. Please check it out if you are interested in charity work

I just love shooting Danielle and Andrew, their eyes are just gorgeous! Plus, Andrew is now so grown up and my silly antics only slightly work with him now.


Another set of Minis- CRAZY for me, but always so much fun and I love working with some new families!!! These kiddos were promised a trip to the racing track to ride the cars. AWESOME- bribery always helps during a photo session!

Emma, Matthew and Samuel were amazing to capture and I just loved their beautiful eyes!!!

Mom commented that she really wanted the first photo below, of kids in front and parents out of focus, I hope we got what you wanted Mom. Thanks for the fun!!!