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My session with Katelyn included lots of giggles, smiles and puppet attacks to my head.  Why does every kid think it is SO FUNNY when the puppets attack me?  HA- it always cracks me up and I am always willing to act silly to get beautiful smiles.

Katelyn was a joy and I had a blast working with this new family!!!  How lucky am I to get to capture such a beautiful little girl?


  • Kerri

    Love them!!! You all look great!

  • Karen

    LOVE the pics. Your work is awesome as always!

  • Heather

    Wonderful photos! She’s a cutie!

  • Pattie Wichern

    Love the photos…she is adorable!

  • Jennifer Relle

    These came out great….beautiful family. 🙂

  • Novella

    Loved them all!!

  • stephanie

    These are fabulous shots of you guys. I can’t wait to see the rest of the proofs.

I have not seen this family since they added Alex to the group, and each little boy looked sooooo grown up!!!  Each boy behaved GREAT and was a joy to photograph.  Mom and Dad were so calm and we had so much fun trying to capture this big bunch.

I LOVE the photo of Mom and Dad below.  Just beautiful!!!  It was great to see this family and capture all of these little manly smiles and giggles.


It seems like I have been shooting a lot of Averys lately, and each one is super cute!!!!  The last time I saw this beauty was for her newborn pics!!!  I cant believe she is almost TWO!!!  She is such a gorgeous little girl and so photogenic!!!!  Those blue eyes and dark hair are so beautiful that even my daughter commented on how pretty she is.

Avery was a typical little toddler- she didnt want to sit still.  I dont blame her, but what also made her different was her camera freeze face.  No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t get her to smile.  BUT, thats ok because I still think she look amazing in these photos!!!


For this session we headed to the outskirts of Dallas, Texas to get a country feel for my clients from Australia and New Zealand. I think we were able to capture the essence of Texas with this run down town.  A Coca Cola and Texas state mural, adandoned gas station, and a field of cattle did the trick!!!! I also had so much fun working with this family before Mom and Dad went back New Zealand.


I guess the best thing about living in the country, is getting some beautiful nature shots like the ones below.  Being a photographer in Melissa, TX does have its benefits!!!!  Plus, being an outdoor photographer has increased my love for nature and definitely shows the beauty that God has to offer.

The weekend of Easter, I was FINALLY able to get some shots of my niece and nephew who are growing up so fast.  They did an amazing job and I was so happy with the photos of my sister’s kids!!!  It has been fun having kids together, becoming Moms together and watching our kids grow together.

I feel so blessed!!!!


I had so much fun doing Conor’s senior pics!!!  About a year ago I captured his sister Carly, and now Conor is graduating and heading to Tech!!!!  Conor was so nice and a good sport!!!  Poor guy had to listen to his Mom and me during his photo session around downtown Mckinney and in Melissa.

Check out those blue eyes and that curly hair- I LOVE IT!!!!

Good Luck Conor!!!!