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We headed to The Cotton Mill for a holiday session with this crew.  Grandma and Grandpa came along and I LOVED their Scottish accents!!!! It was a chilly day but the twins were so good and even though their noses got a little pink, they took some great family shots.

I think my favorite is the photo below.  I feel like Abby is yelling YEAH while Hannah cries.  It is kind of funny (sorry Mom and Dad).


What a beautiful session with another beautiful family!!!  Brother and sister got along SO WELL, and we had some great participation.

I LOVE capturing the beautiful eyes this family has.  HOLY COW!!!  They sure do photograph well.

I photographed these kiddos a couple of years ago and of course remembered capturing these eyes!!!

I was also treasured with the opportunity to capture their little boy Brett, who Mom and Dad brought this bench below to commemorate his life.

I always feel so honored to be able to capture and forever freeze each child’s beauty!!!  I am glad I was able to create some images for his Mom and Dad.


  • Amber

    You have done it once again Andrea! I am in love with these pictures! Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures. We had a little angel watching over us this day. I think Brett was smiling down very proud of his family. To all the mommies and daddies out there, you cannot put a price on pictures. Take them often and treasure them forever and always.

I have been following this couple’s journey through a friend for years now, and this day almost seemed impossible.  Landon truly is a miracle baby in more ways than you can imagine!!!!

I am so ecstatic for this family!!!  All the struggles and prayers have paid off just to see Mom and Dad hold their baby boy below.  I do not think I have ever captured happier parents.

God does work in mysterious ways and from the looks of it, I think Landon was worth the wait!!!!!





  • Oh, Andrea, these brought tears to my eyes instantly! You’re so right that they’re some of the happiest new parents out there. And that’s saying a LOT, I know. You captured the joy in their faces SO well – not to mention the cuteness of that smooshy baby boy. This family has had an absolutely incredible journey to meet this little miracle and now they have some beautiful photos to remember this moment forever. Amazing.

  • Beautiful images, Andrea! I love the one’s of mom and baby…so full of emotion. 🙂

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  • Amy

    I vote for Rylee!!!

  • Kristin

    Of course I’m voting for Rylee!! Go Amy!

  • Michael

    I vote for Miss Rylee Kay

  • Kristen Sweat

    I vote for #3 – Rylee is too cute!!!!!!!

  • Beverly

    I vote for Rylee!!!

  • Helen Lim

    I vote for #1 as I think he’s really saying something ;)! And I know I’m not really all that eligible, but wanted to vote anyhow because you are such a terrific photographer!

  • Claire

    I vote for Rylee!! 🙂

  • Aunt Jules

    Vote for #3 Rylee Kay the Pigtail girl

  • Michelle McNabb

    Great work! I’m voting for miss pigtails Rylee Kay! They are all soooo cute!!

  • Kipi Parks

    Miss Rylee Kay all the way!!! <3

  • Ashley

    I vote for Rylee

  • Jen

    I vote for Miss Rylee!

  • Mamma T

    I vote for Rylee Kay – Love, Love, Love

  • Haewon

    Of course I vote for #1! He’s too cute! 🙂

  • Jack Tartaro

    OMG, those Bell girls are amazing!! I vote for Aimery and Addisyn!!

  • April

    The little cuties swinging. #4!!!!!!

  • Maurice Turner

    I vote for “pigtails”. Andrea I was there the first day you ever took her picture and she wee weed on your white throw. #3 of course Kylee Kay. Love GG

  • Mark

    #1 – should be #1 – its #1.

  • Melissa

    OH #4 are soooooo cute. I LOVE it!

  • April

    I vote for # 4 Just a’ Swingin.. They are the CUTEST girls!!!!!

  • Yasmin

    I vote for #4!

  • I vote for the lovely kiddos on #4.

  • Chad

    My vote is for #4

  • Eric Stewart

    Great pictures! #4 is my vote.

  • Mark

    I vote for the swingers in #4 – They don’t resemble their Dad too much.

  • Patti

    I vote for Ms. Rylee!!! She is too cute!!!

  • Daniel LaBroad

    #1 is the best. And what is he trying to tell us?

  • Nana

    #4 Addisyn and Aimery are the cutest things God ever made

  • Becky

    My vote is for #4. They are adorable!!

  • Adam Bell

    I vote for the sweet girls in #4 that DO look like me Mark…

  • I vote for #4…cutest girls ever!!!

  • Amy J

    I vote for #1 – what a cutie! And the only boy cute enough to make the cut – way to go!

  • Cathy Sawyer

    I vote # 1… HE is too cute and I am thinking a future politician……

  • Jim

    Vote for Reece

  • Michelle

    #1 gets my vote! So cute!

  • Cindy

    They are all adorable but #1 has my vote!

  • Micah Howard

    I vote #1 “Listen Here” cause he is the most adorable!

  • Stacey

    #1 all the way!!

  • Camille


  • Matt

    My vote is for #1

  • Kyle Phelps

    Vote for #1

  • Sherry McGuire

    I vote for my girl in pigtails, Rylee Kay!!!!! She’s SOOOOOO BBBIIIIGGGGG !!!!!

  • Merrill

    Got to love that little pointing finger. I vote for #1.

  • Helga

    My vote is for #1. He is the best!

  • #1 Listen Here is my favorite. He’s so handsome.

  • Gennie Ortega

    I vote for #1 Reece…way too cute!

  • Tod

    I vote for #1.

  • Helga

    My vote is for #1. He si the best!

  • Kellie

    I vote for Addy and Aimery! Those little boots are too cute!

  • KiKi Hogan

    My vote is for #4 please! Just a swinging!

  • Jennifer Chang

    I vote for #1- SUPER CUTE

  • Marco Lopez

    #1 All the way!

  • I vote for #1, Reece.

  • Tod

    I vote for #1

  • Emily

    I vote for Rylee in #3!!

  • Jacqueline

    #1 is adorable! He has my vote!



  • Rylee, Rylee, she’s our gal! #3 all the way!

  • Kari

    I vote for #1, Reece!!

  • Jessica McDowell

    #4 !!!! 🙂

  • Linda Sroufe

    I vote for #1 – Reece, such a cutie

  • Tawny


  • Cynthia Mayes

    I vote for #3 Rylee Kay

  • Maura Carter

    I vote for #4-girls are PRECIOUS and picture is AMAZING!!!

  • Carol Short

    Number 1 is THE MAN!

  • Erica

    I vote for #1 Reece!

  • Kinsley Jones

    I vote for #1. I’m listening!

  • Farah

    Vote for #4. Gorgeous girls, gorgeous dresses!

  • Jennifer

    I vote for #1 … so cute !!

  • Deb

    1 Vote for #1 Reece

  • G

    #1 Listen Here is great!

  • Cheryl Hopkin

    I vote for #1 – love it!

  • kevin and nikki

    Our vote is for #1. Reece says the Rangers are #1.

  • Matt hart

    I vote #1 listen here!!! Reece is the man!

  • Kathy Gagnon

    I vote for #4 LOVE it!!

  • jackie sanchez

    I voet for the darling Reese LaBroad, he is too precious, what a handsome little boy

  • #4 the best pictures are when kids are being kids GREAT PHOTO

  • I vote for Reese – #1

  • Dan

    #1 is best

  • Donna Barnhill

    The girls in #4 are awesome. Beautiful girls.

  • McCrea Miller

    I vote for #1!

  • Jeanette Draper

    I vote for Reece, what a handsome guy!!!!!!

  • Alesha Crowell

    I vote for #3! That Rylee is WAY too cute!

  • Christy

    Go Reece! I vote for #1!!

  • Xenia

    I vote for REECE… He is too cute!

  • Anthony

    i vote for #4

  • Kristy

    Rylee Kay all the way!!! #3

  • Diane Franks

    I vote for number 4

  • James

    #3 Rylee

  • Sneh

    I vote for #1 Reece! adorable!

  • Andrea

    #1 Reece….ADORABLE!!!

  • good job REECE!!!

  • Margaret Isom

    Tough call, they are all so cute, but #1 has made his point with me.

  • Angella Jung

    I vote for #1 Reece!

  • Lisa

    Voting for # 1 !!!!

  • Donosha

    I vote #4- so adorable!

  • Katie Taylor

    They are all very cute:) But my pick is #1 Reese! He has grown so much!!! What a precious little boy!

  • tracy

    #1 all the way!!! so adorable. =)

  • Tmart

    #1 Reece!!!!!!!!!!! So cute 🙂

  • Curt

    #3 gets my vote.

  • Robb Peterson

    I vote for #1 Listen Hear!

  • Sean

    Reese should win

  • MacKensie

    I vote for #4! Adam and April, they are too cute! 🙂

  • Georgina

    What a cute little guy!!!

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    #4-swinging girls

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    I vote for #1 listen here

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    #1, Reece is adorable!

  • Mimi

    These are the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life. Ther must have really good genes – #4 all the way.

  • Teri

    Pretty pigtailed Rylee Kay!!!!

  • Scott

    Miss Rylee!

  • Gennie Ortega

    #1 has my vote! Too cute!

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    #3 gets my vote!! The cutie with the pigtails!!

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    I choose #1 Reese, I love the black and white photo closeup. He looks like he is enjoying himself.

  • sherrie

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  • Kaylyn

    My vote is for Rylee #3!

  • Joe Says Rylee

  • Kyle votes for Rylee.

  • Rick

    Rylee #3!

  • RoseMary

    *1 Reece has PRESENCE! Adorable charisma and he knows it!

  • Gladys Hilty

    I vote for #1, so adorable

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  • I Vote For #4 (:

  • I love #1, He’s got my vote!

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    I vote #1 for Reece!

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    I vote for Rylee Kay. She is the star of the show/

  • Glenda

    #4 – two times the fun!

  • Josh Smith

    I vote for the lovely ladies in picture #4. Good luck to them and too April too. : )

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    Vote for #4…cute girls and great boots!

  • Karen Adams

    #4 Addy and Aimery are too cute.

  • mary jane snow

    i vote for pretty girls swinging #4

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    i vote for #3 🙂

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    #4 is awesome!!!!!

  • Karen Ellis

    I vote for Miss Rylee–of course!!d Too cute!!!

  • jess

    #1 it really is the best photo. So natural and easy on the eye.

  • #4 The swinging girls are munchable!

  • dylan

    #4. Those girls are the cutest and so photogenic!!!

  • Julie

    I vote for #4 – the beautiful Bell girls 🙂

  • Carolina

    I mean #4 swingin!!! not $3

  • Ines Ambrosio

    A vote for Reece it will be
    but they all are great to see
    but # 1 stands out to me
    A great AD material quality.

  • Judy

    I vote for #3 – Rylee

  • Dianna

    #3…Rylee, the pigtail girl!!!


    vote for Rylee

  • Shelley Mulry

    Just a Swingin’ gets my vote…#4. TOO ADORABLE!!!

  • Thear


  • Cynthia

    #1 all the way

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    I vote for # 4–sooo cute.

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  • Tamara Cuellar Garza


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  • Tina H

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    Of course #2!! Beautiful


    I vote for #2!!!!!!

  • Vicki

    I vote for Miss Trinity #2 Baby Tutu!!!

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  • Caity Craddock

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    Swinging girls are the cutest!! My vote goes to #4

  • kristin

    they are all great pictures and beautiful children… wish I lived there so I could have mine photographed! my vote is for #1

  • Ashley Henderson

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  • Cathy Feagjn

    I vote for #3 “Pigtails”. She is my great-neice.

  • Danna Halverson

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  • Carla

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  • Kirsten

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  • I vote for #1 Reece he is too cute!!!!

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  • Voting for Just swinging #4

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    Baby picture #2. She’s beautiful and it’s a great picture!

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  • Matt

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  • Alan

    Listen to the kid…He’s telling you he’s #1. I vote for Reece.

  • Destanie S.


  • Stephanie b

    Rylee #3. I absolutely love the
    Pigtails. Such a cute little girl!

  • These are all pretty dang cute, but I’m a sucker for pigtails, so my vote is for Rylee in the #3 slot.

  • nicole bartholomew

    I vote for #3, little miss Rylee!

  • Samantha C


  • Elizabeth Farrow

    I vote for Rylee #3!

  • J-Dizzle

    Escojo número 3. Es muy bien.

  • zo soles

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  • zo soles

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  • Amber Cantrell


  • Dyann Vamvakas

    i vote for rylee! 🙂 soooo cute!

  • Stephanie T.

    Although they are all adorable, I vote for #3 – ‘pigtails’

This is the THIRD year to shoot these girls for the holidays!!!!  WOW- they have grown up and I always love to capture their gorgeous little faces and big blue eyes!!!!

I am IN LOVE with these little dress too!!!  Mom gets an A+ for picking out some cute clothes from Corinna Couture.  I bought a dress for Ellie there after seeing these!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!


  • Rick Twomey

    These are wonderful pics of my two little grandbabies,Addy and Aimery. I’ve always said they are very photogenic. Their mama, April, selected some beautiful dresses for these girls. I have always been mesmerized by their eyes, it’s one of their outstanding features….i love theses kids…Papa’Cuse

  • Rick Twomey

    I vote for Just a Swingin

  • Kathy Gagnon

    I vote for #4. LOVE it!!

  • Mary Euless Texas

    I vote for #4 love their eyes

  • Pat Noska

    I vote for #4

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    Love the Just a Swingin’ girls!! So adorable!

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  • Jenny

    So cute!!! 😉