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Oh SWEET Rylee Kay- I cannot believe how grown up you are!!!!  This little girl is my neighbor, and her mommy was FINALLY able to pull her hair back in some cute pigtails!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!

Rylee is FULL of smiles, when I think of her I think about that BIG smile below!!!!  ADORABLE!!!!


  • Amy

    Sooooooo cute!!!! You did an amazing job with a little one who wouldn’t smile at all! 🙂 But don’t you mean Rylee Kay……LOL

  • Michelle

    I vote for Rylee Kay adorable!!!

  • Liz Young

    I vote for Rylee She’s a cutie!!!

  • Shana


  • Richard

    I vote for Rylee.

  • Helen

    Rylee Kay is the CUTEST! My VOTE goes to the BIG “pigtail” girl!

  • PawPaw

    I vote for my “ridin’ buddie” Rylee Kay

  • Nini

    I vote for our sweet Rylee Kay!

Check out BEAUTIFUL Trinity!!!  She was SO EASY GOING and a pleasure to capture!!!!  She loved smiling at her Mommy.

I love shooting this age!!!!!  Babies are so happy and willing to sit still for the camera.


  • Amy Hall

    What a beautiful little baby! So cute great pictures. I especially love the tutu pictures.

  • Sonya Travis

    She is so precious! I can see a little of that red hair showing like her Papa!

  • Patsy

    The eyes have it, she is just a beautiful baby. TuTu Cute!

  • Beth

    Trinity is such a joy. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but has such a sweet personality to go with it. I love the wonder in her eyes in these pictures. Great job!!

This mini session was a BLAST!!!!  Reece was all smiles and was all prepared to act goofy for the camera, which I LOVED!!!!!

It was fun seeing his mommy too, because we used to work together back in the day.

Check out that BIG smile below.  Its infectious!!!!


  • haewon

    Andrea, these turned out better than anticipated. Thanks for great memories!

  • gillispie

    the little princesses in # 4 are number one!!!

  • great set of photo’s…….

I believe there is more to this business than just showing up, taking photos and leaving.  I feel connected to the children I capture and feel honored to capture and forever freeze their beauty!!!

I want to give something to one family that has fallen on hard times.  I know each of us knows a family that we each pray for, worry about and try to help in some way.  I want to hear their story.  The family that most inspires me, will receive $400 gift certificate.

The rules:

1.  You cannot nominate yourself.  This is an opportunity to think of others and use this giveaway to bring happiness to a family in need.

2. You must send me an email, explaining the story or situation.  The winning family’s story will be on my blog.  Please send me the family’s email information and phone number so I can call then if they are chosen.

My email-

3. The family MUST be in the Dallas, Ft Worth or Waco area OR be willing to travel to Dallas for their session.

4. If you are passionate about someone winning, post this information on facebook, twitter or blog about this contest.  If a family has strong community support, this will help their cause!!!

5.  All nominations MUST be in by Sunday, November 14th at midnight.

6. The winner will be contacted and announced on my blog by November 30th.

My goal is to cheer up one family this holiday season.  SO- THANK YOU for your nominations and I really hope you take the time to nominate a family in need.

– Andrea

  • Carla

    I vote for Rylee Kay! Can’t believe she is walking and talking. Love her smile. What a cutie!!

  • Teri

    Pretty pigtailed Rylee Kay!!!

I had a BLAST with some of my new clients from AUSTRALIA!!!!

We shot A LOT of photos, so many that I really had a difficult time narrowing it down.  This little beauty was so photogenic!!!  I am so thrilled I was able to capture her!!!!  Mom said she wanted a “Texas” style location.  I think this one worked GREAT!!!!

I am sad these clients will not be sticking around, because I would LOVE to shoot this girl again….


  • Amanda Fleming

    Andrea – You did an AMAZING job! We would recommend your work to EVERYONE. I think we may be around for another year – so you’ll get to work with the photogenic one again!!! Thanks ao much. “The Cards”.