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This is one of my favorite families to shoot.  Miss H.was such a pleasure and added to my fun in capturing the sweetness in this family!!!  She could NOT stop smiling!!!!  AWWWWW- I love it!!!!!


  • Karen

    I really think there is something wrong with me because I can’t stop looking at the proofs!!! I love, love, love them! As always – you blow Aaron and me away!

  • Kiki,AKA Karen's mom

    Andrea, as always the photos are beautiful. I keep looking at them over and over. You have such a talent for perfectly catching the sweetness of my 2 dear granddaughters. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

One thing I really find interesting is that people will buy Coach purses, fancy flatscreen TVs, expensive toys … and all manner of luxury goods that have maybe a 1-2 year lifespan. But when it comes to professional portraits, which will last a lifetime, they base the decision purely on price…. I’m not sure at what point children and family become less important than a fancy purse. ~A. Joki

What a beautiful family and check out HOT MAMMA!!!!!  It was 95 degrees when we took these photos, but she also looks way too good TO BE SO PREGNANT!!!  You can barely see a baby bump!!!!  AHHHHHH

LOVED capturing this family of three before it turns into a family of four.

I am so excited to capture their sweet little girl in August!!!!


  • julie

    Love them so much Andrea! Wow! You made us look good! What a wonderful way to capture this amazing time in our family. You’re the best!

My twin session with these two princesses started out GREAT!!!!  Look at their sweet faces and big blue eyes- AHHHHHH.  LOVE IT!!!  Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when appetite and sleepiness set in.  We took a bottle break, got back to shooting but we could not avoid one sleeping beauty from calling it quits.

I LOVE the photo Mom, because nothing beats Mommy love.  I also just had to post sleeping  beauty nodding off below.  So sweet!!!


  • heather

    love the pictures!!! i love the one of the dad with his two girls! so sweet!

  • Alison...aka the mom

    Andrea was WONDERFUL…we loved the pictures and are already thinking about setting up our next session!

  • Beautiful work…. congrats on the launch of your new website

This was such a special session for me for MANY reasons!!!!  These kiddos are all my sister’s nieces and nephews (two of them are hers too).  I have seen these kiddos grow on and off again at family events through the years (even though I am sure they do not remember me).

It was also meaningful to me because their Grandpa was recently diagnosed with two Glioblastoma brain tumors and the day of his brain surgery his main request was to have photos done of all of his grandkids together.

I hope these photos bring a smile to this family during this time!!!  Just today, my sister received an amazing email from her mother-in-law stating how much they are praising God and how they both find something to laugh about each and every day!!!!

I know He is watching over Rod and we will all continue to pray for his strength and health during this time.

It is amazing to see God’s direction and Grace, through my job of photography I was able to fulfill this request and I feel so fortunate to do that!!!!  THANK YOU!!!


  • Sandy Gullo

    Hi Andrea,

    Well you have truly done a wonderful job on the pictures and I guess Alison and Randy have told you how happy we are to see all out little ones together at last! You have captured their cute little selves so sweetly in all of them and Rod and I just have shed a few tears while viewing them. I took almost two hours deliberating and ordering 🙂 Anyway what I want to say is that you are very special to us and we treasure each gathering with the families. The memories are growning and now the “cloud has lifted” for our daughters and those who have shared the “separation”. We all need each other and we look forward to years ahead of fun “chaotic” times as the little ones grow up. I have always sensed your quiet understanding of hearts for our family situation and that is why I am sooooooo glad you got to take the pictures!! You’re the best. Love, Sandy

I LOVE shooting this family!!!  Mom is always SO adventurous and creative.  We talk and email and find something “different” for her kiddos.  This session  was no exception!!!!

Even though it was a little CRAZY with all four kiddos, we had so much fun and I am IN LOVE with this location.  I could have stayed there for HOURS AND HOURS.  What FUN!!!!