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I cannot believe this little girl is ONE!!!!  It seems like yesterday I took her newborn photos.

Miss R. was all  smiles during her session, but she wasn’t crazy about sitting on the ground.  She kept trying to lift her legs up like she was stretching.

At the end, we were able to get some photos of her showing her skin!!!!  LOVE the naked baby photos, but I am sure she won’t be too happy about it when she is older.


Yippeee- I am BACK and what a great way to head back to work with this gorgeous senior who was soooo much fun to shoot!!!!  I JUST LOVED her smiley, upbeat disposition.  She laughed and smiled the whole time.

I thought I would do a little Q&A to get to know this senior, who is also my neighbor.

Q.  Name     A. Carly

Q. Plans after graduation     A. Angelo State


Q. Dream Job     A. Open a camp for obese children

Q. What will you miss about high school     A. The simplicity


Q.  Last thing you ate     A. Grilled chicken

Q.  Last thing you Googled     A. Jet Packs


Q.  Favorite Word     A. Blah- I love the way it rolls off your tongue

Q. Favorite thing in your closet     A. Cotton shirts from Victoria Secret


Q.  What can’t you live without     A. The people I love


Q. What are you most grateful for
A. God gave me the gift of health and a supportive family whom will always love me unconditionally


Q.     What are you most excited about next year
A. The new friends and adventures I will go on


Q. Why did you choose Andrea B.
A. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style of editing pictures…It’s absolutely, positively, beautiful!

  • Dan O'Brien

    Thank you Andrea! You captured my baby girl perfectly. You are incredible!! Please reserve time for my son’s senior pictures next year.

  • Cindy O'Brien

    Andrea you are awesome. We had so much fun and we love our pictures. We can’t wait to work with you again.

  • Cindy O'Brien

    Andrea, you are awesome. We had so much fun and we love our pictures. We can’t wait to work with you again.

I am so proud to annouce that we have been blessed with a baby BOY!!!!!

Nolan Evan arrived Wednesday, Dec. 16th.

We are all doing great and feel SO BLESSED!!!!

– Andrea

  • Lindsay

    Hooray!!!!!!! A sweet baby boy!!! How fun for you!! So excited to see pictures! Merry Christmas to all of you!! I know this one will be a special one!

  • Karen

    Congratulations! We are so happy for you all. Hope you are doing well. All the best in the new year!

  • Sarah Shepperson

    Congratulations on a healthy baby boy! Can’t wait to see pictures of him!!

  • Congratulations Andrea! We are so excited for you! Can’t wait to see pictures!

I have had SO MUCH FUN working with this family over the last two years!!!  When she contacted me for her newborn photos (which were so close to my due date) I knew I had to book them!!!!

LOVE the photos of the two sisters together!!!!  Big sister did so well and was so sweet during her session!!!

So proud to capture these sweet moments for my clients and I will miss it so much during my maternity leave.


  • Karen

    Love, love, love the pictures as always Andrea. Thanks for doing this so close to YOUR big day! We’ll be knocking on your door in about 6 months… (:

Little Miss A. was only five days old during our session.  Usually, this means a VERY sleepy baby, but poor Miss A. was NOT in the mood to sleep, all she wanted to do was EAT (poor Mom).  Miss. A was VERY jumpy and every time I tried to move her or reposition her, she would jump and wake up.  At the end we finally got her to sleep for 15 minutes and got a few shots of this little honey.

Even though Miss. A couldn’t sleep, I was dealing with a very sleepy Daddy who feel asleep during our session- he he.


  • Rhonda Wilks

    Congrats Mark & Anita! she is adorable!

  • Anthony Matteis

    You all have a very beautiful Baby girl, the best!

  • Anita

    Thanks so much Andrea, we just love our pictures!!!

I will FOREVER remember this session with this wonderful family!!!  Little brother spent the whole session pushing his Tonka truck all around downtown Mckinney (see photo #6 below).  I thought for sure that would wear him down, but he hung in there and was GREAT during his session.

What a bunch of cuties and they were SOOOOO SWEET!!!!


  • Lauren

    Thanks Andrea!! Love the pictures!! Thanks for your patience with the boys!!