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These boys seriously make my heart MELT.  It makes me think that if I had a boy, I would COMPLETELY spoil him and be such a softy!!!!

Mom and Dad were both on hand to control Mr. W, the youngest of the crew that likes run away during picture time.  We did get him to hold still for a little while.


  • Lindsay


    You are precious and dear! Thanks for capturing the ones most dear to me! There is nothing better than seeing all of my sweet boys through your camera and creative eye! I will anxiously await the news of your newest precious blessing (*crossing my fingers for a boy!*) :)!!!

Miss S. was just soooo precious during our session.  It has been a year since I have seen her last and she is so big now.  I LOVE her strawberry blonde hair AND when she became grumpy, Mom tempted her with some yummy strawberries!!

LOVE HATS ON BABIES TOO!!!!  Look at those eyes!!!


LOVE shooting this boy and he has grown SO MUCH over the last year!!!!  Mom drove an hour for our mini session (YEAH MOM) and I was able to capture those gorgeous blue eyes AGAIN!!!

LOVE the close up with Mom below, it makes me smile!!!!


This was my first session with Mr. N and all I have to say is LOOK AT THAT SWEET FACE!!!!  Doesn’t he just melt your heart???  He kept giving me these sweet, mischievous looks like he was up to NO GOOD.

Most of the session he was giggling, or making silly, happy faces.


  • Corri Reichert

    I LOVE these pictures! I can’t wait to see all of them. They turned out great!!

  • Grandpa Reichert

    I would agree with Corri…great pictures!

  • Aunt Dana

    Amazing pictures! You totally captured my adorable nephew!

  • J Blick

    Can’t wait to show my friends! love all of them-of course I share in the gene pool.

My session with these two crazy girls started out GREAT.  We had fun taking photos with Mom and Dad, but then little sister started coughing and going downhill.  POOR THING.  When that happens there is not much you can do to change things around.

Luckily, Dad SAVED the day by acting soooo goofy and getting the girls to laugh.  We were able to get some photos of Miss R. with a big happy smile on her face!!!!!  THANKS DAD!!!!


These two girls are just DOLLS!!!!!  How in the world do I shoot so many beautiful children, I will NEVER KNOW.  They were sooooo perfect and big sister kept giving little sister hugs and kisses- SWEET!!!!!

Mom had them dressed just PERFECT.  I LOVE IT!!!