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My session with Miss A. was a breeze.  First off, check out that cute hair.  It made me giggle and Mommy kept brushing it, but I LOVE how it is all disheveled.  SWEET!!!!!  This was also a great house to shoot in, they had these GORGEOUS wood floors and wonderful lighting.

Even though Miss A. left quite a few accidents all over Mom and dad, she was such a great little to capture!!!


SO- how do you get FIVE kids to behave during a photo session???  You tempt them with with BIG lollipops.  Mom’s plans worked (THANK YOU MOM) and we had their Grammy nearby to make the kiddos laugh (THANK YOU GRAMMY).

I was so pumped to meet up with this family while I was in Waco.  What a CREW.  I was a little worried about being overrun but all the kids were great and were such a treat to photography!!!!


Miss K. was such a dream during her session.  She is the first baby that did not have an accident on any of my blankets (WOW) and she slept so good for us!!!!  She was a little jumpy, but that might have something to do with all the attention she is getting from big brother!!!!!

Big brother was SO GOOD and so sweet to his little sister.  What a fun crew!!!!


  • awwww…I just LOVE that image where they are looking at each other! I would make that a HUGE image if it were mine! Good luck to mom and dad making their choices….beautiful work!

OK- I normally try to stay away from the wedding scene, but when my neighbor’s sister asked me to shoot her bridal session, I could NOT resist!!!!

I had a BLAST and enjoyed the very cooperative and enthusiastic subject!!!!  This past weekend was her wedding and I have been waiting to post these so the groom would not see his beautiful bride on my blog.

WOW- what a gorgeous bride she makes!!!!!  I had a BLAST!!!!!

Best of luck and MANY MANY happy years ahead!!!!


  • Amy F.

    They are beautiful!!! As always, you did a wonderful job!!!! Thank you so much for capturing this special time for Kristy….we will enjoy these forever!

My session with these three little HUNKS was a blast!!!  They were soooo well behaved (good job Mom) and so much fun for me to play around with!!!!  We discussed Star Wars (YES- I am a fan), I gave out some candy and even watched some intense light saber play.


We also took some fun photos with Mom and she had the funniest expressions.  I apologize about posting one of the photos below. As moms, don’t we all make this look?

Hmmmmm- it makes me think about how much fun a boy would be.


  • Mom of the "Hunks"

    These are absolutely precious! We love all of them so much! Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to let the boys have fun and just be themselves! Their true personalities shine through in your photos!

Poor Miss L., she had such a bad day and then I showed up!!!!  She finally fell asleep and we got some great naked baby shots of this little beauty, but then woke back up and was all done posing.

Everything worked out like a charm and Miss. L fell back asleep right before I left.  I felt so bad for wearing her out!!!!


  • Miss L's Aunt Zoe

    Aw, poor thing. You’d never know she was having a rough day – these photos are great!