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My first round with these two just didn’t go so well (POOR MOM).  We finally decided to call it quits and retry another day.  Baby sister was just so unhappy, and the reason why is that she had an earache (POOR BABY SISTER).

The second round went GREAT, big brother took a little convincing, but we were able to get him to sit still and smother his sister in hugs and kisses.  His reward was some shiny shark stickers that he placed all over his arms.

SOOOOO glad that everything worked out and mom was happy!!!!


  • Monda Schneider

    Andrea, the photos are great especially considering that you had to come back a second time to capture Miss M 🙂 Thanks for being so patient with both of them!!

YES- I am already talking about the holidays, but only because I am all booked in November.  I know CRAZY huh???

I am still open in September and October, so if you want to book a holiday session, please shoot me an email or I will be BOOKED.

I will also be doing at least ONE Mini Session in October, details to follow.  Let me know if you are interested!!!!!!

  • Shelley Strawn

    Hi Andrea, I love your work! I’d like to book an appointment for October (hopefully I can lose some weight by then!) Please let me know what weekends in October are good for you.

    Thanks so much!

  • Monda Schneider

    Hi Andrea. I would like to go ahead and book a session for October. Thanks! – Monda

  • Lindsay

    We are interested in the October mini-session!

What a GORGEOUS couple to capture!!!!  They were SOOOOO happy and IN LOVE!!!!  I couldn’t get them to STOP smiling and giggling!!!!  Whenever I would try to do a serious pose, their faces would strain to stop smiling.  It was so adorable!!!!!

I really had so much capturing their giggly moments!!!  It was a little contagious and it shows in their photos.



  • Kristy

    You did such a great job Andrea!! We had so much fun taking these with you!!! I love them!!!

A BOY!!!!!  A boy FINALLY born into the family!!!!  I was soooo THRILLED that my sister had a boy.  After three girls between me, my brother, and sister, it is nice to have a little boy around!!!!

What a HANDSOME little boy too!!!! Samuel was sooooo good for his session.  I told my sister that he was one of the best babies I have EVER photographed!!!!  He was completely chilled, and let us mold him and move him all around without complaint!!!!

Big sister Avery was so proud and such a big girl holding her new brother!!!!  I am so proud to capture these moments that will be treasured in years to come!!!!!


My session with Mr. C was so adorable.  Mom came all prepared with a laundry basket full of clothes, dress up outfits and toys.  During each outfit change Mr. C had to change it all around and pick what he wanted to wear.  SO- we ended up with a little cowboy (chaps included) and a Michael Jackson outfit and then some moves to a MJ song.







  • Melaniesorensen@byu.

    WAHOOOO!! I LOVE them!!!!

    Thank you so much for your extreme patience and for taking the time to get the good shots! I love what you have done with them. I can’t wait to show my husband, my family, total strangers on the streets…:)

    How will we ever choose? You’re the best!


Another sweet baby session!!!  Miss S. was a month old but she was a GREAT sport.  We were able to get some beautiful, sleeping, naked baby photos of her.  My favorite thing about Miss S. was her hands.  She would not relax them or bend them.  I had to rub them and push them down so we didn’t have fingers sticking up in the air for all of her photos.  HA- so cute though!!!!

I also LOVE her lips.  Check them out in the black and white below- so precious!!!!

What a beautiful family and a pleasure to photograph!!!!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!


  • Meagan

    We just love all of the pictures!! Thanks Andrea! The session was great. You were so patient and so fun. We think they turned out amazing and you would never know she had a few tears in between pictures! We love them!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  • Christy

    BEAUTIFUL photos! She is so relaxed – I wish I could sleep like that. Meg, you look fabulous, and you have a gorgeous family. Love ya tons!!! ach 🙂

  • Meredith

    OMG!!! Precious, Precious, Precious!! My Best Friend and her beautiful baby girl!! Love them

  • Liz

    Meagan and Cannon, You kids did great! Soph is sooooo precious. Angelina better look out looks like there is a new star on the horizon!