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I just wanted to share the news!!!!  We are expecting Baby #2 on December 22nd!!!

AHHH- Christmas Baby!!!!  This kid will never forgive us for that one!!!!

SOOOOOOOO what does this mean for you????

This means that I will only be doing a limited amount of fall sessions.

SO- if you are interested in a fall session, you might want to go ahead and book it in September or October BECAUSE I am NOT booking any sessions in December and only a few in November!!!!!

SORRY- I am sad to miss out on the holiday rush too!!!!   I will need a break before the new baby comes along!!!!

I am already booked in July and have one session available in August (CRAZY).

SO- book your session ASAP bc I am sure September and October will fill up fast!!!!

THANKS- Andrea

YEAH- Heather and John are getting MARRIED!!!!!  I am so thrilled for this union (FINALLY).

It has been such a joy to see my younger sister-in-law grow up, and fall in love, and now get married!!!!

I hope that you two will stay in love FOREVER and continue to be best friends and loyal companions!!!!

God Bless you both!!!!!


Believe it or not, I remember each family I shoot.  I have clients that email me and say, “I don’t know if you remember us.”  Of course I do.  Even though the time we spend together is very short, I remember your kiddos (may NOT remember the names), how your family interacts and all the little laughs and smiles I received from your children.  It really means so much to me!!!!

This family was no exception.  WOW- what GREAT kids.  They were so well behaved and so sweet to Mom and Dad (who were calm, laid back and so much fun).  It is RARE to find three brothers that get along so well, so THANK YOU Mom and Dad for all your hardwork!!!!!!!


YEAH- a senior session!!!!  What a fabulous opportunity for me to get creative and do some different post processing techniques that I can’t do on my kiddie photos.

Miss. M was so much fun.  Her car was FULL of clothes, hats, shoes, makeup and we had so much fun going through the lot and choosing some outfits to show her personality.

How come my senior photos don’t look like?????  Lucky girl!!!!!  Look how far digital photography has come.



  • melissa.

    cute! 🙂 I love the lip gloss one and the one of her laying down. Nice job Andrea! 🙂

I always LOVE my sessions with this family!!!!  They are all so sweet and their kids are so well behaved!!!!  I LOVED capturing this family of five in the true to life, hectic and crazy manner that parenthood is all about.

Their new little boy Mr. E was a BIG BOY.  I had a difficult time trying to get him posed for his photos and he protested with shouts of anger, but luckily fell asleep and the rest was a dream!!!!!

Check out the photos of the proud big sister holding her new baby brother- AHHHHHHHH.  The sweet emotions on her face are so angelic.  I was so honored to capture it!!!!


  • Kirsten

    Andrea–you’re amazing. You are so talented and patient, and we will treasure these photos forever. Our kids LOVE you, and of course, so do we…thank you SO much. You really are Super Woman–I don’t know how you do it, but we’re blessed to know you!

I was so PUMPED for my session with this family.  Reason #1 Miss M. was the cutest little baby to capture and I couldn’t wait to capture her beautiful face again.  Reason #2 her mom is the sweetest person EVER (what a joy to work with!!!!)

I must admit, it is kind of sad to see how fast these kids grow.  Miss M. is no longer a baby, but a little girl toddling around the Arboretum.  I think she was a little skeptic of me, because she kept giving me these serious looks.  I am so happy that we got a few smiles out of her!!!!!


  • Grandma and Grandpa

    Maddie, You look as beautiful as the flowers at the arboretum–all dressed up in your bows and dress. Your daddy looks like the proud papa and mom is totally in love with her Miss Maddie. Grandma and Grandpa Hall can just hear you reading your book. Ms. Andrea has to be very talented to catch you sitting still. Love to our blue eyed princess. Grandma and Grandpa

  • Granpa & Grama Loya

    Maddie Bear – you look more beautiful every day and these pictures tell it all. Exactly like your Mommie did, you seem to have Daddy wrapped around your little finger with no wonder at all. And, Mommies just beams with the love she show for you and just how much you are a part of her and Daddy. You can’t imagine the joy you bring to all of us.

  • Granpa & Grama Loya

    Maddie Bear – you look more beautiful every single day and these pictures tell it all. Exactly like you Mommie did, you seem to have Daddy wrapped around your little finger and he’s mighty proud of it. And, Mommie just beams with the love she shows for you and just how much a part you are of her and Daddy. You cannot imagine the great joy that you bring to all of us as you are also part of us.