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I must admit, whenever I shoot a large family (four kids and a dog) I get a little nervous about how smoothly things will run.  I have thought about hiring an assistant to help with the extra kids, or getting my husband to come along, BUT this family was a DREAM!!!!  FOUR BEAUTIFUL girls that were so excited and ready to get their photo taken, I couldn’t believe it!!!!  We had such a blast and I think they had fun too!!!

This session was just so special and I am so proud that a fellow photographer sent them my way.   THANK YOU!!!!


  • melissa.

    oh my gosh – andrea these are beautiful! You caught them sooo well!
    Shannon – your precious family is SOOO beautiful! 🙂
    *hugs to you both!*

Mr. W is always ALL SMILES every time I take his photo.  He is so happy and always a pleasure to capture my college friend and her adorable family!!!  I am so glad I made the trip to Houston to spend time with an old friend and capture some great families!!!!  I cannot wait to capture baby #2 on the way!!!!!


  • Glenda

    Andrea: Every time you take pictures of Will, along with other children, they just take my breath. You are amazing with that camera. It’s not the subject, you work miracles with every shot in your gallery. The stars are shining on you and your work. Congratulations!

These two cuties concentrated on one thing during our photo session- CANDY.   It is a little difficult to get boys to sit still to have their picture taken, and these two brothers were NOT in the mood (I don’t blame them, it is no fun to have a camera in your face).  Mom and I brought out the candy, the suckers, the bubbles, the toys and then we were all done.  At the end, I did get a hug for my efforts, but I think they were a little excited to see me go.  We did get some cute photos of the adorable little boys, so I hope the suffering was worth it!!!!


My session with Miss. P. seriously cracked me up.   First of all, she was sooooo happy and all smiles for me.  Her blue eyes and little rolls reminded me of my own little girl at this age.  I think I told Mom and Dad how adorable she was about 50 times in an hour.  Miss. P. would just roll all around the floor, holding her feet, then chewing on her hands.  It was so sweet and I loved capturing this little roly poly.


My session with this family was SO SWEET!!!  Mr. J was six weeks old and he was such a happy, cooperative baby.  I felt very lucky that things went so smoothly  for us all.  Even though the weather was cold and rainy, we got some family photos on their front porch and then moved inside to capture Mr. J and all of his sweetness with Mom and Dad.

Mr. J did leave his mark at the very end of our session with some loud grunts and noises, followed by a big mess.  BUT- no biggie.  Mom and I cleaned it up and called it quits since he did such a fabulous job.


Here is my start on my Houston sessions.  I had a whirlwind of a weekend as I traveled from house to house capturing some adorable kiddos.

My session with this cutie was scheduled during her naptime.  Mom and I were both a little nervous that things might fall apart during our session, but much to our surprise Miss C. was in a fabulous mood.  Even though it was COLD outside, she endured it and was a wonderful little model.

After we went inside and took off her shoes we realized that it was a little too cold because her feet turned blue-  the things we do for fashion!!!!