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It has been a while since I have photographed my sister’s family.  My MUCH MUCH older and aging sister.  Thank goodness her kids take after her in beauty rather than their Daddy!
We did these photos by her house in about 30 minutes.  I just LOVE the laughing photo.  My niece was all set to strike a pose for me, she is beautiful and looks so much like her Momma!   It was a great session and I love capturing family!


I will NEVER forget my session with the Tong family.  All was well, we got some great shots and then everything fell apart!  Colsten became addicted to cheeseballs!  I have never photographed a kid with cheeseballs before???  BUT it sure was funny and definitely memorable.  we had to improvise at the park with some slide photos instead.  Mom and Dada were such good sports!


A few more photos from a beautiful family that I captured in downtown Mckinney!  These boys were just a pleasure to capture.  What a great looking crew!



Oh why did I let myself get so far behind on my blog?

My efforts to catch up lead me to the Marshalls.  Their daughter Ally has the most beautiful long hair, and was so quiet and sweet during our session.  Nash was so full of fun energy and went along like a champ!  I really loved so many of their photos that I could not break this post up among a few people.  What a beautiful family and I know it meant so much to this Mom to capture her kiddos and I was so honored to do it!


I was pretty pumped to meet this beautiful angel below.  I used to work with her Mommy, back in my corporate America days.  It was so great to see her Mom and to capture this beauty!  Look at that pale skin, blue eyes and gorgeous lips!


I know this Mom REALLY wanted that perfect family shot, but let’s just admit it, sometimes that just doesn’t happen.  I LOVE these kids!  Their silly faces and personalities help me capture what childhood is all about.    I know we didn’t quit get that perfect photo, but these are so much better!


I know these two through my neighbors.  They contacted me for some updated photos.  The whole session I heard whispers of, “I love you.”  So amazing!