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In case you didn’t know, I am a sentimental person.  So when I capture your children and watch them grow over several years, I feel like I know your family.  I come to love all the little personalities your children possess.  That is how I feel about these boys.  I know you have seen them on my blog before.  I refer to them as THE STAR WARS BOYS from a session we did WAY BACK WHEN that included lightsabers.  These boys are so happy and sweet.  Their mom incoperated things about them in our session:  Logan loves Harry Potter, Conner plays the guitar (he even sent me a video to watch- ahhhhhhh), Will is a ninja and Luke is the baby.  We just captured his baby beauty.
Thank you to these parents for entrusting these memories.  I treasure our times together and this family has been such a great customer!  THANK YOU!

  • The Star Wars mom

    You have blessed us with many amazing moments in time over the past few years! We are grateful for your talent and your willingness to share your gift with us! Thank you for loving my family.

I am literally so far behind on my blog that I did not even know where to move from here.  So, after thinking about it, I decided I would spend this week posting a few photos from each session.  I am SO SORRY to my clients.  I love posting about each session I have and the time we spend together, but my goal is to process my photos as fast as I can and sometimes, I get behind on other things.


Q. Name ~ A. Cassie Hardin
Q. Dream Job ~ A. NASCAR driver
Q. What will you miss about high school ~ A. Nothing


Q. Most recent download to my iPod ~ A. Taylor Swift
Q. Last thing you ate ~ A. NY style Ruben sandwich


Q. Something that is over-rated ~ A. The term ‘YOLO’–you only live once
Q. Something unique and quirky about me ~ A. I can wiggle my nose
Q. Favorite Word ~ A. Chatamahoochie


Q. What are you most grateful for ~ A. My family
Q. What are you most excited about next year ~ A. Graduation
Q. Plans after graduation ~ A. Go to college (UNT or Collin College)


Q. What is the first thing you would do if you won $1million ~ A. Buy a Jet ski
Q. Last thing you Googled ~ A. 2012 Beetle (my dream car!)


Q. My biggest pet-peeve ~ A. Barking dogs
Q. Favorite thing in your closet ~ A. Red Jeans
Q. What can’t you live without ~ A. Starbucks


Q. Why did you choose Andrea B. Photography ~ A. I really liked her style of pictures on her website. I’m glad we chose her, had a lot of fun!

The Huynhs purchased the First Year is the Sweetest package, so I am getting to photograph them THREE times this year! It is a blast when someone books this package because I am able to see the kiddos grow over the year.

Jacob was so calm during our session, and his brothers were so sweet to him. Mom ended our session with some watermelon, which all the boys loved!

I think my favorite photo is the first one below. I just love giggle photos.