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To Moms of GIRLS- you will NEVER EVER understand the bond between a boy and his lawnmower. I know my daughter liked it and she played around with one, but my son cant be outside unless he is pushing that mower.

Jackson reminded me so much of my son. All boy!!! He threw rocks, pushed his lawn mower and smiled and laughed at Daddy.

Dad was a major rock star during our photo session. I wish I could morph every dad into him. He literally jumped around, dripping with sweat to get Jackson to laugh.

Some Dads CHECK OUT during photo sessions, Rod really impressed me!!! OH and Grandma was there for a few pics too!!!


This family is ALWAYS on my blog and on my fb page. I guess the main reason is because they live next door to me. SO, they have the joy of being photographed by me on a regular basis. I have LOVED watching Rylee grow over the last few years and now I am so excited to see Cole grow as well.

Plus, I get to occasionally hold him when I miss having a baby around, but then I get to leave and SLEEP at my house.

Cole is so beautiful and was such a good little baby to photograph. PLUS we were able to get some outdoor shots, which is what I like best. Another great Feagin family session!


A late blog post (BETTER LATE THAN NEVER- RIGHT?) from one my summer minis.

At the beginning of the session, Will was a little reluctant to have photos taken. After some convincing he pulled around and made some mischievous smiles for the camera, while big sister Abby was all ready to strike a pose for me.


This mom totally ROCKED when it came to picking out her kiddos clothes. If you need an example, then take a look. I love the layers, the different colors that blend so well together.

She did an awesome job and it photographed so beautifully.

The kiddos were so much fun and we threw in some popcorn, water guns and superhero masks at the end.

What a blast!!!! Thanks to Momma V. for thinking ahead and making this session a memorable one for me as well.


These are some of my favorite people to capture, because I have watched Rylee grow up right next door to me and now I get to watch baby Cole grow up too!!!! We are so lucky that we live in Melissa, and we can just drive down the street and find beautiful outdoor areas to photograph in and around.

Even though Cole has already arrived, this was a great mini maternity session to capture this family of three before it grew to four.


I have been MIA lately. Really, I have just been trying to enjoy the summer with my own children and spend as much time with my Ellie before she start kindergarten. So, I have not been very motivated to update my blog this summer.

It was such a surprise when this mom contacted me for not only a senior session, but a family session with kiddos ranging from 18-2. It was so many fun to see the family dynamics and to capture another Ellie, and a 2 year old that had the energy level of my 2 year old. It was fun chasing him around and capturing the essence of a toddler.