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My last mini of the year, and it was a mini with my neighbors across the street. I captured Alex as a newborn, so it was fun walking around downtown with him and his parents.

Especially since his Mom owns the shop Petals & Vines and knows EVERYONE in downtown. We even took some shots in front of her shop. The first one below is a photo or Marley, Candi, John and Alex in front of their store!


  • Sandy Sargent

    Please count my vote for
    PICTURE #3 – Sophie and Hudson Zona

    Great pictures!

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    vote for #6

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    I vote for #6

  • Julie

    Love the pictures. My vote goes to number 6.

Finally posting photos from my last round of minis. I had so much fun with this family. Poor little Declan was ready to crawl EVERYWHERE, but I understand. My boy is the same way.

Check out his cheeks- SWEET!!!


  • Carmi Paris

    I love your photographs and especially love photo #3 and the way you captured the sweetness of the love between little sister and big brother. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful images.

This family session was pure silliness!!!! The twins were all about being goofy, while little brother Liam wanted to run all around. Mom said her goal was just ONE good photo. She even asked me to include a really bad photo of the family for fun. SO- that photo is the very last one. It completely cracks me up, but then most of the photos do. This family has GREAT personality!!!


  • LOVE the one of the boy jumping. What a shot!

  • Beth

    Great pictures of a beautiful family

  • alex

    love #6!

I just cannot believe how many amazing family photos I got out of this session. Usually the family photos are the hardest ones to get, but these kids were great!
Mom picked the location and the trees were just beautiful. I loved the coloring and even though it was about to pour and was windy out, it all worked out. What troopers!


  • Cissy Junell

    #2 for sure because you cannot those beautiful eyes and that awesome smile 🙂

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    Your photography is amazing! Though all of the photos are awesome, I love #3

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  • Joyce Hanes

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  • Nichole Earls

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    Your pictures are amazing. The reality is what makes them perfect. I vote for #6.

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    You do some fabulous work by the way!

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