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Alex | The Maloleys

My last mini of the year, and it was a mini with

Jessica, Emily, William | The Trans

Another new family joining my rounds of minis

Declan | The Croall Family

Finally posting photos from my last round of

Steven, Kaitlyn & Liam | The Rodriquez Family

This family session was pure silliness!!!! The

Marcie, Kate & Trent | The Strutsmans

I just cannot believe how many amazing family

Sophie & Olivia | The Theis family

YES- I am probably about 3 weeks behind on my

Sadie & Libby | The Becks

It was so great to be able to meet up with this

Maggie & Patrick | The Halls

SO- what do you do when you just can’t get

Logan, Conner, Will & Luke | The Robertsons

I always feel sooooo lucky to be able to capture