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Little Miss A. was only five days old during our session.  Usually, this means a VERY sleepy baby, but poor Miss A. was NOT in the mood to sleep, all she wanted to do was EAT (poor Mom).  Miss. A was VERY jumpy and every time I tried to move her or reposition her, she would jump and wake up.  At the end we finally got her to sleep for 15 minutes and got a few shots of this little honey.

Even though Miss. A couldn’t sleep, I was dealing with a very sleepy Daddy who feel asleep during our session- he he.


  • Rhonda Wilks

    Congrats Mark & Anita! she is adorable!

  • Anthony Matteis

    You all have a very beautiful Baby girl, the best!

  • Anita

    Thanks so much Andrea, we just love our pictures!!!

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