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Jordan | Wylie East Senior

I have been meaning to post photos from this session over the last month. I just loved capturing Jordan and getting to know her mom. Jordan has an awesome personality, plus she has that IT factor when it comes to being photographed. I felt like she knew her body and how to pose it to look GORGEOUS. Here are Jordan’s Q & A’s so you can get to know her too.

Q. Name ~ A. Jordan Meese

Q. Plans after graduation ~ A. Go to TWU and major in nursing


Q. Dream Job ~ A. NICU nurse

Q. What will you miss about high school ~ A. The easiness and not having to pay bills

Q. My biggest pet-peeve ~ A. People who don’t try


Q. Most recent download to my iPod ~ A. We are Young by FUN (I LOVE this song too)

Q. Last thing you ate ~ A. Panda Chef (Chinese food)

Q. Last thing you Googled ~ A. Mini cows


Q. Something unique and quirky about me ~ A. My perfectionist personality – ultimate OCD so much so that I even alphabetize our DVDs and the books on my books case

Q. Favorite Word ~ A. Umhm


Q. What can’t you live without ~ A. Books, I would go insane with boredom without

Q. Favorite thing in your closet ~ A. Prom dress

Q. What are you most grateful for ~ A. The love and support from my family


Q. What are you most excited about next year ~ A. Living in a dorm

Q. What is the first thing you would do if you won $1million ~ A. Pay off college so that I wouldn’t feel guilty when I went on a trip around the world


Q. Why did you choose Andrea B. Photography ~ A. We found her online and thought that her work was amazing


  • Wow! She is stunning!! Great set of images!

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