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Marcie, Kate & Trent | The Strutsmans

I just cannot believe how many amazing family photos I got out of this session. Usually the family photos are the hardest ones to get, but these kids were great!
Mom picked the location and the trees were just beautiful. I loved the coloring and even though it was about to pour and was windy out, it all worked out. What troopers!


  • Cissy Junell

    #2 for sure because you cannot those beautiful eyes and that awesome smile 🙂

  • sophia iler

    Your photography is amazing! Though all of the photos are awesome, I love #3

  • Christy Gabbert

    voting for #6

  • Kimberly Owens

    I vote for #6 please 🙂

  • Joyce Hanes

    My vote is for #6

  • Joyce Hanes

    My vote is for # 6

  • Nicola Monroe

    Vote for #6

  • Nichole Earls

    I vote for #6!

  • Nichole Earls


  • Nichole Earls

    I vote for #6

  • Julie

    I vote for #6

  • Art

    I vote for #6

  • Adam Earls

    I vote for #6

  • Meg Slavin


  • Doris Pairish

    Your pictures are amazing. The reality is what makes them perfect. I vote for #6.

  • Tiffany Jelke

    I vote for #6!

  • Danielle in Lantana

    I LOVE #6
    You do some fabulous work by the way!

  • Maria Ivie

    I vote for #6!

  • Jennifer Duncanson

    Love number 6!

  • Amy Brown

    Voting for #6!

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