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Turning FOUR | Plano, TX child photographer

Ahhhhh.  My angel Ellie is turning four today and I realize I am way TOO sentimental when it comes to my children.  I find myself thinking back to how I felt and what I was doing exactly four years ago.  I hardly remember holding her as a baby, the time has literally flown by.  One thing I do have is photos of her because when you have a newborn (and are in labor for over 24 hours with 2 full nights of NO SLEEP) your brain just is not functioning properly.

I am so honored that this little girl changed me into a Mommy.  She has been a joy, full of happiness and life!!!  She smiles and laughs all the time and is full of good humor.  Now, we do have our bad moments, but she is so sensitive and gets so upset when she knows we are disappointed.

I love her so much and being her mom has been the most life changing experience for me.  I want so much for her- to be content in life, to be true to herself, to help others, and to live a Christian life.

MUCH LOVE to my little Ellie Jean.

proof17PINproof15PINproof18bwPINproof21PINEllie and Nolan

proof11PINMy boy Nolan


Family photos taken by the wonderful Juli Evans and processed by me- WHAT FUN to swap family photos!!!  Thank you Juli. Dallas will miss you and The Woodlands will be getting a new ROCKING photographer.


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